Sport 8 collaborates with TENCENT E-SPORTS, with the model of "Incubation + Super Agency Management", to bring traditional sports clubs to eSports, and to build European eSports league and tournament with the great influence of traditional clubs. It not only helps traditional clubs to retain their influence but also expand new business.

What does Esport8 do?

We hope to bridge between the traditional sport world and the emerging technology world, bring Traditional Sports to eSports.


Training Player、Team Building、Team Management、Professional Training

eSports Agency

Talents Scout、Professional Connection、Brands and IP Management、Team Building、Business Representatives

eSports League

IP Incubation:Games IP and Teams IP

Comprehensive League: It includes the most popular eSports games, for example: Arena of Valor, LOL, DOTA2, Pro Evolution Soccer, Clash Royale, Hearth Stone, etc.

eSports Facility

eSports has been approved by the General Administration of Sport for formal sports competitions, and Shenzhen and Hainan Government support us with land to build Global eSports Academy Center. eSports Stadium、eSports training camp for players、eSports tournament college – tournament operators training、VR\AR showrooms

eSports Marketing

Sponsors: Find sponsors for tournaments, and cooperate with agency to find right sponsors for teams

Broadcasting Right: Sell the best price to the appropriate live-broadcasting platforms, TV game channels and video game medias

Ads: Products on the market with the best products and prices

Peripherals: Teams peripherals design and distribution channels

Tickets:Tournament tickets

IP Promotion:Teams IP promotion online and offline

Training Camp

Fans camp

Pro camp

Our Team

Qiang Bai

Present Occupation

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Sports Value Foundation.

Chairman & CEO, Sport 8 International Ltd.

Senior Partner, GreenTech, Investment Group

Co-Founder & Chairman, IA Sports Tech Ltd.

Past Occupation

Ph.D. candidate, Mathematical Statistics, Purdue University. BS, Mathematics, University of Science and Technology of China.

Co-founder & Former VP of IFLYTEK (the largest speech technology company in the world, the NO.1 public traded AI company in Asia).

Investor & Producer of the first 3D music movie of China which won the best 3D movie of year in 2012.

One of the most recognized players in RFID industry between U.S and China as the CTO of uniView Technologies Corp, and got the Dallas based company listed at NASDAQ in 2004.

Founding member of an Internet startup Network Solution which got listed at NASDAQ in 1998.

Founder of the first Chinese Internet portal, which was one of the most successful web sites worldwide in the middle 90s.

Wesley Sneijder

Former captain of the Dutch National Team, won the World Cup Silver Ball

Bronze Boots, the Best Player in UEFA Champions League

plaLed the team to win 2nd and 3rd ce of the World Cup and the champion of UEFA Champions League

Providing global sports resources and endorsements

Gen Li

Famous badminton player

Son of the famous national badminton coach Yongbo Li

National youth badminton championship champion, Badminton World Youth Championship champion and Badminton Asian youth championship champion.

After retirement, Gen Li has been engaged in e-sports industry, and has organized two professional teams of league of legends, and entered league of legends professional league.

Nelio Lucas

CEO of na Vela Investments

Graduated from University of California, Los Angeles

Worked at Doyen Sports

SIR - Soccer Investments & Representations

The Stellar Group

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